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Barclays Bank (U) Ltd – Mbale Branch

Barclays has operated in Kenya for over 90 years. Financial Strength coupled with extensive local and international resources have positioned Barclays Bank of Kenya as a foremost provider of financial services.The main sectors of the Kenyan economy are agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and financial services. Barclays has established an extensive network of 117 outlets with over 230 ATMs spread across the country.

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Barclays Bank 
Mbale Branch
P.O. Box 285-50300 


Code: 035 
Tel: 254 565 10 17
Tel: 254 565 10 19
Fax: 254 000 000 000
Equity Bank - Mbale Branch
Equity Bank commenced business on registration in 1984. It has evolved from a Building Society, a Microfinance Institution, to now the all inclusive Nairobi Stock Exchange and Kenya Securities Exchange public listed Commercial Bank. With over 5.7 million accounts, accounting for over 57% of all bank accounts in Kenya
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Equity Bank 
P.O. Box 545
Mbale, Kenya
Tel: 254 202 369 605
Tel: 254 202 369 608
Fax: 254 000 000 000
Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd - Mbale Branch
The history of KCB dates back to 1896 when its predecessor, the National Bank of India opened an outlet in Mombasa. Eight years later in 1904, the Bank extended its operations to Nairobi, which had become the Headquarters of the expanding railway line to Kenya.
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Kenya Commercial Bank 
P.O. Box 1123
Maragoli, Kenya
Tel: 254 565 14 71
Tel: 254 000 000 000
Fax: 254 561 510 98

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